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It is our mission to provide each athlete in our organization, that aspires to further their education as well as compete at the collegiate level, with the opportunity to explore every avenue available and provide a clear understanding of the recruiting process. XCEL provides SportsRecruits© software to all athletes of recruitable age to ease the communication process.

Angela Quillen is XCEL's Recruiting Director and as a former Division I coach and Associate Athletic Director / Compliance Coordinator, she keeps our athletes up to date with the ever-changing rules as well as assist them throughout the process.


  • freshmen year


    ■ Play club & school

    ■ Go to camps and clinics, take lessons


    • Start planning core courses for NCAA. Think about GPA!!

    • Begin to think about where you might want to go to college

     ■   Location in the USA --northeast, southeast, mid-west, west coast, northwest?

    • Begin to think about what you want to study.

    • GO to college campuses.

      • Go watch college matches

      • Visit local colleges, just to get ideas on size, location, admissions, and academics.

    ■ Build a Sports Recruits Profile

    ■ Start a UNIVERSITY ATHLETE Account 

    ■ Create an X / Insta account for recruiting content only.

    • Find Colleges and universities you are interested in

      • Send out Introductory email with SR link starting in Sept/Oct

      • Fill out online profiles on athletics websites

      • Go to camps, clinics, PLAY, PLAY, PLAY

      • Talk to guidance counselor about colleges and universities

      • Go on unofficial visits – go on tours of these campuses.(no contact with coach allowed)

      • Make sure coaches get your club schedule & updates throughout club season

    • Skills video- keep these updated on Sports Recruit.

  • sophomore year

    • Play volleyball; play club volleyball & school, lessons!

    • Take core courses for NCAA, take PSAT. Think about GPA! Take SAT/ACT latest time in spring of this year.

    • Find Colleges and universities you are interested in

      • Research online to check out what positions are available on the roster. (i.e.-If you are a setter, will they need a setter at that university for the year you graduate?)

      • Fill out online profiles on athletics websites

      • Register for the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Centers, at the end of the year have your transcripts loaded onto the sites.

      • Go to camps, clinics, PLAY, PLAY, PLAY

      • Talk to guidance counselor about colleges and universities

      • Go on unofficial visits – go on tours of these campuses.

    • Follow up your intro email:

      • Update your Sports Recruit profile, update University Athlete.

      • Add awards received during your high school season (record, awards, playoffs,etc.)

      • Make sure coaches get your club schedule & updates throughout club season

    • Update skills videos- post on X/Insta and SR

    • Telephone Calls / Verbal offers can begin June 15th following sophomore year.
  • junior year

    ■  Play volleyball; play club volleyball & school

    ■  GO to camps & clinics and play, play,  play!

    • Continue emailing coaches...

      • Talk to a guidance counselor about your interests.

      • Update your Sport Recruits profiles, update University Athlete.

    • Take core NCAA courses, GPA is a must!

    ■  Take the SAT and/or ACT make sure you put 9999 for NCAA and 9876 for NAIA on  the ‘where to send results’ so that the results       go to the NCAA/NAIA Eligibility  Center.

    • Make sure NCAA Eligibility Center/NAIA Eligibility is up to date, have transcripts sent in at the end of the year again.

    • Stay in touch: August 1st you can receive off campus contacts from coaches.

      • Keep correspondence up with the coaches.

      • Send updates about your team and your statistics.

    • You can practice/scrimmage/try-out with any NJCAA or NAIA school at any time and with NCAA DII in the spring of your junior year.

    • UNOFFICIAL & OFFICIAL (paid for by University) VISITS:August 1st can take official visits to campuses

      • Take a visit to the campuses

      • You are allowed unlimited on campus visits.

      • You need to go watch the team practice or play

      • Meet the players, coaches and personnel

  • Senior year

    ■ Play volleyball; play club volleyball

    ■ GO to camps and play, play, play!

    ■ GPA is a MUST NOW!!

    ■ Take SAT and/or ACT

    • Fill out NCAA Eligibility Center/NAIA Eligibility forms if you have not done it. Request Final Amateurism Certification

    • Update Sports Recruits Profile and update University Athlete.

    • By September look for additional scholarships.

    • By October FAFSA can be done online.

    • Apply to the school or schools.

    • Stay in touch:

      • Call coaches and email coaches; show YOU are interested.

      • Update colleges with your statistics, team achievements, and other supporting information (playoffs, awards, big games etc.)

    • Tryouts:

      • You can tryout at NJCAA, NCAA DIII and NCAA DII schools after your high school season is over.

      • You cannot tryout at NCAA DI schools.

    • Signing:

      • NCAA DI / DII - National Letter of Intent (NLI) signing is November 8, 2023 - August 1, 2024. Must sign within 14 days of issuance.

      • NJCAA - November 1st becomes the first opportunity to sign a Letter of Intent (LOI)

      • NCAA DIII - non-binding standardized celebratory form can be signed after admittance to the University.

    • Plan your signing party!!!!

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