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Our goal is to provide athletes with technical, mental, and physical training.

Our program provides a basic foundation as well as promotes the love of the game. We want our athletes to understand the meaning of team and commitment. With that understanding, athletes can excel to be the best that they can be individually and collectively. Learning the importance of teamwork and commitment helps to achieve one of the best lessons in life. Xcel Volleyball teaches individuals determination, promotes competitiveness and family unity, and develops leadership skills that transcends into all aspects of life.
Chelsea Monroe - Club Director

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23 Mar
Xcel 13s white having their team prayer before starting gold bracket play!

The Next Level: Xcel's Seniors

We are so excited here at Xcel that all of our Seniors are ... More

“You've got to learn something from each match you play in.” - Misty May-Treanor

Over 200 athletes and growing, We love our teams!